Our First Year

Because of You, and your belief in our Organization, please take a few minutes to
read what we’ve accomplished.

1) Brought in nationally recognized speaker, Brooks Gibbs, in March and September to speak, and teach
students how to react to being bullied. (Students said ”(best assembly they’ve ever had.)” Received letters
and emails, from students, on how much they learned.

2) Brought in country singer Jessie Chris, named 2018 Billboard artist to watch, here in December, who was
bullied in middle school, to speak and perform and tell her story how she overcame being bullied.

3) Thru our efforts, reached 11 schools in 6 different school districts, and talked to over 3,000 students about
how bullying can be dealt with, and how it can affect young adults and families.

4) Raised over $60,000 thru our fundraisers and private donors to help with giving our 1st scholarship to
Kendall Falkenrath, who is in her first year of college, and doing very well.

5) Received the prestigious Presidents Club Executive Award from Ingram Micro, as one of the aspiring new
charities, making a difference in our community, and being nationally recognized.

What we are working on for this year

1) We are continually, working on bringing more speakers in this year, who have experienced bullying, and
how they overcame it.

2) We’ve been asked to talk to PTA groups, and more school districts are reaching out to us to visit their
schools, and talk about our programs with students.

3) We were asked to be involved in a task force committee, that is being put together by the Honorable Erie
County Family Court Judge Brenda Freedman, to address bullying in our area.

4) Our organization is growing with more volunteers, and now we are also looking at putting a staff together,
to reach out to larger companies for their support, and reach more students.

5) We have 5 students who will qualify for scholarships this year in 3 different schools, and 3 additional
students who are interested.